4 Things to Think About when Getting a Puppy!

Hi everyone! It’s been two whole weeks, how have you been? I’ve been getting stuck in with lots of puppy training which is the cutest form of work I do... most of the time! Puppies are a huge challenge and quite a lot of our clients say they are much harder to look after than a new born baby. I couldn’t comment on that! So I thought of four things that are always important to consider when thinking about a puppy. As cute as puppies a lot of them end of in rescue shelters across the country so it’s vital we think about these things carefully. Don’t be drawn in by the puppy dog eyes!


If you haven’t been living under a rock you’ll know that there are a lot of breeds of dog! There are small ones, hairy ones, big ones and playful ones. All you need to do is find out which one is best for you! It’s a important to do your research. Every breed has it’s own set of traits that they are bred for certain jobs. Daschunds for example are ratting dogs – it’s why they’re so small. They’re also more energetic than people give them credit for because they are in fact a working breed. Could you take on an energetic dog like a Cocker Spaniel or any working breed? Or is a lap dog like a Pug better suited?


These days there is a variety of different diets for dogs. When Jessie was little it was either wet or dry – take your pick! Research again is your best friend. Once you have your breed picked out, spesk to your breeder or rescue centre about what food would suit them best. If they’re a good breeder they’ll know, if they don’t – go elsewhere!


If I haven’t said so already, puppies are a lot of work and take up a lot of your time. There’s things like veterinary appointments, walking, training sessions, enrichment, feeding. The list goes on! A dog is a lifestyle choice, not an impulse buy. They require a lot of your time and energy for a safe and happy life.


I know, nobody likes talking about money! This is an important thing to consider. Not only does a dog take your time away they also take the money straight out of your wage packet! Food, insurance, equipment, doggy day care are all things that need to be taken care of. Then there’s in case of emergencies like the time Jessie impaled herself whilst staying with a home boarder. She was absolutely fine, but my parents weren’t when they got the veterinary bills. We’re talking a four figure some! That was completely unplanned and Jess would have had to have been put to sleep if my parents weren’t prepared for something like this.

By no means am I trying to put you off getting a dog. If you’re even considering it then you’re about to start the greatest adventure of your life. Just consider these things first to be able to give your new puppy the best life you can!

Until next time, keep your tails wagging!


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