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Tribute to Jessie – Dog

Hi everyone, welcome back to another Sunday morning with me and my dog adventures. This week I’ve actually just got back from Scotland. It truly was beautiful there. It was actually a Christmas present for Andrew, my younger brother. I bought him a bungee jump in the forests of Scotland. We’re extreme in this family! So everyone gathered together to watch him jump from thousands of feet. It went ok, don’t worry!

Today is a bit of an emotional post to write. After last week’s story of Clyde and Panda I had a few questions about my rescue dog, Jessie. I have mentioned her on our Instagram page before and she’s in our bios on various social media and our website, but I thought I’d use today to talk about my little Jessie-Dog and her perfect (most of the time) life she had with us.

We got Jessie as you know, from a rescue centre which I can’t remember where it was! I was six, give me a break. We saw lots of dogs including a gentleman named Stanley. He was lovely, but had part of the fur on his back shaved off. Dad thought he’d be great for our Grandad at the time, a good companion. More and more dogs came out to see us, but it was the black and white Staffy that stole our hearts. Well, in fact it was Dad. She ran straight to him, licked him all over and didn’t care about the rest of us. We knew then she was ours. So, we took her out for a little bonding walk. Jessie was just coming up to one at the time so you can imagine the excitement with three children all under the age of ten! When we got closer to taking her back though she laid on the floor and wouldn’t get back up. Dad had to carry her back!

About a week later, I think, Jessie came home and Dad picked us up from school and we all walked home together. Let me tell you, she was naughty. She used to escape from our garden, run off from walks for hours at a time and wind Dad up until he succumbed to her cute face and actually played with her. Jessie loved all of us, but Dad was definitely her favourite. Especially towards the end of her life and Dad worked from home to take care of her. He had this stern voice that he used and she knew she was in trouble. For the rest of us, she didn’t give a monkeys and just did as she pleased! I remember on a Sunday we used to take her to the woods near our house and we thought, “right, we’ll let her off the lead.” Jessie wasn’t great with other dogs and we guessed ity was from her up bringing so we had to make sure we were far from any trails before letting her off. Every time, she bolted. It was like letting a race dog out at the start gun. Every. Single. Time.

This isn’t an exaggeration either (my family will probably otherwise,) but I remember being stood shouting her for at least two hours once. Now for a ten year old, you never think you’re going to see your dog again. But, every time she ran off she always came back again to us. We had her so well trained! Mum was a childminder when Jessie first joined the family. She was beautiful with the children and used to take naps with them on the sofa, well Staffies are called Nanny dogs. She used to sleep on my bed with me too. Right up until she was about fifteen and she started wetting the bed. Sorry Jessie, I love you, but no one has time for that!

When I was little and Jessie wasn’t here yet I used to think I was going to die in my sleep. You know like old people do where they just never wake up? Yeah, I was weird. I used to cry and cry until I eventually wore myself out. My parents are saints for putting up with that! Well, when Jessie came home she slept on my bed from that very first night. From then I never cried again. It’s strange the effect that these animals can have on our lives. She’d been there through so much of my life; heartbreak, my first day of school, my first job, first love. She was there through my teens, through my childhood and the only milestone she isn’t here for is buying my business. That’s because I did it for her. After her death last year I decided I needed Jessie in my life forever and what better way to do that would be to fill my days with my best friend.

Although best friends do comfort you when you cry, Jessie used to walk away. “I don’t have time for this” I used to pretend she was saying. If you’ve never owned a dog (which I’d hope if you’re reading this blog you at least love them) then you won’t fully understand the hold they have on your hearts. I’ve been crying whilst writing this blog post and she died a year ago. Maggie is doing a great job in comforting me. At least she doesn’t walk off!

As Jessie got older her health deteriorated, as you probably would imagine. By the time she died she had kidney failure, Arthritis and Dementia. I didn’t even know a dog could get Dementia! She used to run into walls, stare at them. Come to think of it she had a love affair with walls. Despite it all though she kept going. Every Christmas we’d say “get ready because Jessie won’t make it until the next one.” Well, she did.

When she was seventeen we finally made the decision to have her put to sleep. We had vets come to the house and I took the afternoon off work to be with her. I held her in my arms, in her favourite blanket as myself, my Dad and boyfriend Ben said our goodbyes. Now I’ve had Grandparents pass away, but nothing compares to the pain I felt when the vet said Jessie had gone. My only regret is that they put her in the body bag while I was still there.

Sensitivity needed there guys! Now she sits on our mantel piece in our living room and she still shares special times with us. I hope this explains a little more who my little Jessie dog was and I hope every dog has the same perfect life as Jessie.

Until next time, keep those tails wagging!


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