A Month of Holidays!

I feel that the title of this blog is a little misleading... I didn’t go on a month long holiday! We had a month of back to back boarders in August and it was so much fun that I wanted to share some of it with you. We had a few newbies and of course some of our regulars so let’s dive in!

One of the first ladies to grace us with her presence was Phoebe. Now I say lady because she really is a lady! At ten years old she was one of the eldest I boarded throughout August and she was a pleasure. So much so that we treated her to an afternoon in Clumber Park! It was just us ladies with Phoebe; Mum, Grandma and my big sister Suzanne. She had such a lovely time sunbathing and we tried to get her a doggy ice cream – but the shop was shut!

One of our youngest boarders was Ivy, who at just six months was a teeny baby. She was also our longest boarder and stayed with us for two whole weeks! The hardest thing about Ivy was trying to guess what breed she was...

Ivy is a Mastiff cross so my family and I tried to work out what the “cross” part was! I thought a Staffy maybe? Let me know what you think! She was such a sweetheart and because of how large she is we kept forgetting how truly little she really was. In the evening when she was tired out from a long day of fun she would climb up onto your chest so she could lay her face on yours. It would have been cute if she was a Yorkshire Terrier!

Over her time with us, Ivy saw lots of friends come and go. Three of them were Lottie, Murdoch and Daisy. All four of them were here at the same time! Whoever out there has four dogs full time, I applaud you. Now Daisy and Ivy were the youngest at five and six months, then Murdoch and Lottie were the oldest. Lottie is two and Murdoch is an outstanding fourteen! The dynamic between the four of them was hilarious. Lottie and Murdoch were definitely the Mum and the Dad and they even squabbled like an old married couple two!

She also met teeny, tiny Ralph. All he wanted to do was steal her toys so Ben and I had to hide them on curtain poles. He tried his very best to climb up the wall the spider man – but he didn’t quite make it! He even tried launching himself off the sofa at the wall. Of course, that didn’t quite work either...

Whenever we have boarders stay with us I always like to take them on days out and adventures and August was no different. We took Ivy to the Peak District – Lady Bower! This was her very first time in the Peaks and she loved every minute of it. She met some sheep, but she also met some unfriendly dogs. The path was quite narrow and a dog barked at her as we passed. Ivy freaked out and pulled Ben, who had her lead, down the slope and onto his hands and knees! We had a little giggle about it later, after everyone was OK.

We took Jack Russell, Milo to Creswell Crags too! I think we loved the caves more than him and Maggie did. Milo loves running water so he loved chomping it as it flowed over the rocks in the stream. Maggie didn’t appreciate being dunked in it though when we had to cool her down!

Until next time, keep those tails wagging!


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