A trip down Memory Lane - visiting Longshaw

Hi everyone, welcome back! It's the Easter Weekend, the sun is shining and there are lots of Easter eggs to be eaten so I thank you for taking time out of your busy Sunday to spend a little of it with me. Last week we spoke about our little trip to the seaside. Well this time I thought we'd venture to the Peak District, Longshaw to be exact.

I don't know whether any of you know this, but I have a bit of Yorkshire lass in me. I grew up and still live, work and everything in between in Nottinghamshire. My Grandma however, grew up in Sheffield and is always talking about her adventures in the Peak District. It's probably why I love it so much! Longshaw is somewhere she used to visit as a tiny girl and paddle in the stream. So what a better way to spend a Saturday than to visit Longshaw and take a trip down memory lane. We bundled Molly and Maggie (yes, that got confusing throughout the day!) into the car and set off.

Now, this wouldn't be a Wonder Walks Adventure without a few hiccups along the way! Longshaw was beautiful. Ben and I had been previously with other dogs who had checked in for a doggy holiday with us. We encountered rolling hills, vast moors and winding woodland.

The photos that Ben kindly took for us clearly don't do it any justice. Molly was a pro! Just look at her on the wall, it's like she was made to be a little doggy model. The walk begins walking through the main estate, which the dogs do need to stay on lead. As you can see there were lots of sheep in this area and I don't think they'd appreciate a bit of torment from walking dogs. As you make your way through the number of sheep drop down and you come across woodland instead. This is where we let both dogs off the lead to stretch the legs. Warning though, there is a road close by so if you're dog hasn't mastered their recall yet I would keep them on for a little longer. This is the point where you get those magnificent views of the moor lands. You continue round until you come to the road that I spoke about and cross there. Then it takes you through another gate onto plain moors.

Molly had a great time, bounding over patches of long grass here and this takes up about half of your walk so your dogs can really make use of the wide open space. We took a few toys with us and the terrier in Molly loved hunting for them in the long grass. You know how I love my enrichment activities! At the top you pass a house that we all decided was used for holiday makers. Take the bend round until you come to the road again, cross and make your way back to the beginning again. This walk is quite short, but packed with lots of exciting sites along the way.

Though, the fun really started when we left Longshaw. We decided to make the most out of our day and go out for some lunch. The walk around the estate only took two hours so we had plenty of time to spare.

A beautiful sunny day in the Peak District, we had ideas of a nice pub, maybe sitting outside. Everyone in the Yorkshire area also had exactly the same idea! We felt so stupid that we didn't see this coming. It took longer to find somewhere to eat than our walk! I must have driven miles, through about ten different villages and finally through Matlock Bath. If we look on the bright side though, Grandma had a private driven tour of all of her favourite places. Including where my Granddad proposed to her! So all wasn't lost and my Grandma had a great time.

We eventually, after nearly two hours (that's not an exaggeration,) stayed in Matlock Bath. By this point I'd just abandoned my car in a church car park and hoped that I wouldn't get a ticket or the poor thing would get clamped. Then with a stroke a luck as we were walking through the neighbouring car park I saw a vacant space! Good things come to those who

wait, or who wish desperately. The second one worked for me!

All of us had a lovely pub dinner in Matlock Bath and even had time to visit the sweet shop before heading home. My Dad loves nougat so I couldn't justify not picking any up for him. I hope everyone has a lovely Easter Sunday and finds all the eggs that the Easter Bunny has hidden in the garden. That reminds me, Clyde and Lottie have got an Easter Hunt of their very own!

Until next time, keeps those tails wagging!


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