Boarding Adventures with Bingley and Bubba!

Hi everyone, I hope everyone has plans to go to the pub today! I don’t...

I’m having a very relaxed weekend to recover from the busy week I had with Bingley and Bubba this week. These two brothers came for our first Doggy Holiday since the lock down began so I thought I would share their adventures with you. Bingley is an old Beagle and Bubba is a young and feisty French Bulldog who loves his big brother. So we had lots of fun!

As always we went on lots of walks with Maggie. Bubba and Maggie love each other a lot so whenever the boys stay with us they need lots of play dates.

We ventured out to Fiskerton for a walk along the river. What I didn’t think about was the amount of geese that love the river too who use the toilet. Now something you must know about Bingley is he will eat anything and everything and I mean everything. Please tell me you know where I’m going with this!

I had to put the poor guy back on his lead because he wouldn’t stop taking a gander at what the geese had left behind. Bubba and Maggie were oblivious to Bingley’s antics though and ran up and down the river with Ben having such a lovely time. I love it when those two get together! We also met up with Maggie and Ben for a little walk in Southwell – well that is what we’d planned. Ben said “did you want to go this way, try something new?” An hour and a half and three very tired dogs later we’d walked through the golf course and up through the apple orchard. It was an adventure!

Lots of games were played too! Bubba likes to play with toys so the games this time were mainly for Bingley. Like I say – he likes food! His favourite was definitely the Needle in a Haystack game. I filled a paddling pool with hay and hid treats in it. We played this game nearly every day. By then end, Bingley loved it so much he made a brand new bed out of it! I also hid some peanut butter toilet rolls (no geese!) inside a gift box. Bubba helped this time and they soon had the toilet rolls and were happily eating away. Bingley decided to eat all of it. All of it! Toilet roll, peanut butter? If he can consume it, it is gone!

All in all I loved boarding again and I can’t wait to see more and more of our dogs coming to see us. I've popped some more photos of Bingley and Bubba's holiday below so make sure you check them out.

Hopefully it’s very soon!

Until then, keep those tails wagging!


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