Christmas Party!

Hi everyone!

Long time, no speak! It’s been so busy with all of our Christmassy things that I just haven’t sat down and caught up with you all. Today is a little bit of a different one because I wanted to talk about our very first Wonder Walks Christmas Party! Who’s excited for Christmas, not long now! I need to stop using exclamation points, but I’m just so excited! OK, I’ll stop.

Now, Cerys and Chloe hadn’t done Go Ape before and I hadn’t done it for maybe ten years or more. It is so much harder than I remembered! I’m not scared of heights especially when I have a harness on, but even so we had to crawl through tunnels and stand on logs that swayed in the wind. Of course we chose to go in the winter and it was quite windy on Saturday so the scariest thing was standing on the platforms feeling the trees swaying underneath you. They’d also added two different routes you could take. When I’d been before there were a couple of obstacles that were slightly harder so naively I took the harder route.

Poor Chloe hates heights so she was so brave coming the harder route with me! There was one obstacle where there were small rectangle platforms attached by ropes and you had to climb onto each one to make it to the other side. I went first because I’m clearly quite stupid. Towards the end the platforms weren’t level either! You thought you were stable and then it moved and I definitely thought I was going to fall. Then it was Chloe’s turn and I don’t think she was my friend after that!

Despite all of that we actually had a great time. The zip lines were great fun and Cerys and Chloe were pros at landing in style on their backs in the bark. Cerys was that dirty by the end that she managed to get bark all over the chair in the cafe afterwards! It was uplifting to spend the morning in the trees together, laughing and helping each other with the harder bits. The nature of the job means that we tend to work alone so it’s always nice to get together and spend some time as a team!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little different blog post this Monday morning. I thought I would share our Treetop Adventure with all of you and maybe you could give it a go!

Merry Christmas,


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