Daisy’s Adventures in Wonderland!

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is wearing their masks! I must admit, I completely forgot and panic bought mine on Amazon last night so I couldn’t go to Tesco and buy my Friday night essentials. Lesson learnt – be more organised! In my defence I have been looking after Daisy this week and we’ve had a blast. She’s a seventeen week old (eighteen weeks by the time this goes up – she’s so big!) Labradoodle puppy.

Some of you may know her as a training client that has featured on our social media platforms! This, of course, was her first holiday with us so I was excited to get stuck in. I noticed in the garden she was recalling beautifully and I thought “let’s go for it!” So the next day Daisy went off lead for the very first time. She stuck next to my legs at first, then got further and further away as she realised she was no longer attached to me! Her owners and I were so proud of her and apparently a little video I sent of Daisy knocking me over gave them quite the laugh on their holiday. It’s all in aid of Daisy’s development!

The world was then Daisy’s oyster! She came with me to work every day of her holiday and made so many new friends. She met Molly and Dougie on their puppy visits and this basically consisted of the puppies rolling around in the garden together for half an hour. Very exciting for them, not so much for me! I was a glorified referee. This was great for Daisy’s socialisation and getting to know lots of different play styles and personalities so we can build her confidence. So I stepped it up a notch – naturally!

It was time for Daisy to go on her very first group Adventure...

For those of you who are new around here, our group Adventure are an exciting and enriching walk with lots of doggie friends to play with and have a great time (in a nut shell!) Zavi and Stanley were my men of choice to hold Daisy’s hand through this large milestone. Zavi is a Weimeraner where as Stanley is a Jack Russell so very different breed types. Variety is key! I did worry slightly because Zavi is the largest dog Daisy has met up until this point so I had no idea where this was going to go. Well, I shouldn’t have worried because she loved both of them! She was chasing Zavi through the field grass and snatching the ball from Stanley. Her confidence had grown in such a short space of time and I was so happy to see it.

That was that she came with me every day. The next Adventure was her smallest yet two Dachshunds (Ralph and Roo) and a Pug (Maggie, of course!) She loved the smaller dogs just as much as the bigger ones. Although when Ralph tried to play with her he did get knocked over quite a few times...

With a bunch of games thrown in and some trick training later – Daisy had a fabulous holiday! Next week is my birthday week so the next time I write to you, I’ll be twenty six. I hope Maggie has a fun day planned for me!

Until next week, keep those tails wagging!


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