Discover How A Toilet Roll Can Become Your Dogs New Favourite Toy!

Hiya everyone! How are we all coping cooped up at home? Maggie and I aren't doing too badly, but she's quite lazy so a half an hour walk and a nice treat seems to please her just fine. So what do you do with all those energetic dogs in these very strange times? Utilise your garden! Especially with dogs having to be kept on lead during their walks at the moment the majority of their activity will be at home. You have heard me go on and on about how beneficial puzzles and games can be for our dogs so why not try them out now and see how you get on. All of the games that I'll talk about you can easily make at home, so no unnecessary trips out!

Toilet rolls. With the demand right now you cannot tell me you do not have any used toilet rolls hanging around! You can do loads with these little gems. Why not spread peanut butter or meat paste inside them and see what your dog thinks. To make it even harder you can tie them to tree branches or hide them in bushes and flowers. Or you could make them into a teasing pole!

Now Bronte in the pictures has her own very posh teasing pole that you could order online if you wish. But you can tie a toilet role or a treat to a pole. I have some old metal rods from our garage that I like to use but you could use a bamboo stick or even a fallen branch. Hold it just out of reach so your dog has to work for the reward. You can be really mean and make this really difficult by holding it high up so they need to jump for it or swish it across the floor.

Also if you have any toys that resemble animals tie those on the end too. You can adapt a teasing pole to loads of different activities to keep it interesting. The animal swishing around on the end of the string will tap into your dog's hunter instinct and they'll do pretty much anything to catch their prey!

Try it and see how you get on. Let me know how things go by messaging me on Instagram! (@rachelwonderwalks) I'll be back next week with some more ideas for you.

Until then keep those tails wagging,


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