Get Your Cups in a Row!

Step by Step Guide to The Cup Game

Happy Sunday and happy June! I can't believe it's that time again and also the start of June. It feels like the summer is in full swing with the lighter nights and warmer weather. All of my windows have been open! Everyone knows how much I enjoy setting up enrichment activities for our dogs. Now that the summer holidays are starting there are more dogs coming through our doors.

So I thought I'd start the summer off with one of my favourite games, The Cup Game. I feel like I play this with the dogs all the time, but every single dog is different when they play it and how they work out how to get to the treat inside. It's really simple, all you'll need is;

· A cup

· Your dogs favourite treat

That is it! If you are just starting out with enrichment and want to dabble and try things out, this is perfect for you. It's a great way of figuring out how your dog figures out problems in front of them. With having different breeds to work with, it's helpful to see how different dogs work out the same problem. Roo the Miniature Dachshund was scared of the cup to begin with, I think she didn't quite understand that the cup wasn't alive! Murdoch the Foxhound however had clearly played this game before and dug straight in.

All you need to do is ask your dog to sit and wait. If your dog isn't at the stage where they are able to understand simple commands, puppies for example, then always practice these as it's always helpful! I tried it with Bella who is an eleven week old puppy so isn't quite there with her commands, as you would expect. It was so much harder when an excitable puppy is trying to eat the treats before they've left your hand!

Then, while the pooch is watching, put the treats under the cup and wait a few more seconds. This just helps with discipline and self control, waiting those extra few seconds. Finally say "go!" and watch your dog get to the treat inside.

I hope everyone has a fun time spending some quality time with their dogs and tune in next week for a brand new game to play. I'd love to hear how you got on our social media pages or leave a comment.

Until next time, keep those tails wagging!


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