How can I Help out my Pooch When it’s Hot Outside?

Hi everyone, how have you been? I’ve had a week off from the blog, but I’m back and raring to go! With the weather hotting up this weekend (or it’s meant to) I thought we could have a chat about some ideas to help your dog out in the heat.

If you imagine wearing a large winter coat on a hot summers day then you’ll start to realise why it’s so important to help cool our dogs down in the summer. Canines pant to release heat as, unlike humans, they are unable to sweat through their skin (winter coat problems again!) So here are a few ideas that are fun and cool them down.


Water play is a great way to bring down your dogs overall body temperature. You can incorporate water in so many ways. Milo, a Jack Russell in training, loves his water pistol or any moving water. Rivers are his favourite and if you set up a paddling pool for him he’ll lie

on the edge so the water flows out! Paddling pools are also great for treat bobbing as that encourages the dog to get their face wet. I’ve seen dogs use water filled paddling pools as a bed before in very high temperatures so it’s always nice to have one set up for them in the garden. In the shade of course! A sprinkler is so much fun too. Boris, a Sprocker, loves the hose pipe on the sprinkler setting. Look at that picture, he loves it!

Cooling Mats

Cooling mats work by pulling the heat out of your dog and the dissipating that back out into the air. Please don’t ask me about the science of it. I train dogs, that’s all I know! In the summer months, I just have these dotted around the house for our boarders to lie on as and when they want to, but they are always accessible to them.


Ice is a great way to cool down your dog and get your enrichment in for the day too! You can freeze vegetable sticks for them to chew on. Maggie’s personal favourite is a frozen carrot. You could hide some of their favourite treats in ice cubes. Maggie struggles with this a little because the ice blocks the smell of the treat for her and she gets disinterested by it. She’s much better, the simpler the activity is! You could also put ice cubes in their water bowl to cool down the temperature of the water.

There you have it! Just a few ideas on how to keep your dogs cool in the summer. What’s your dogs favourite thing to do in the hot weather? Maggie’s is sleeping. She’s a Pug – she sleeps in any weather!

Until next week keep those tails wagging,


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