How will I leave my dog when they are so used to me being around?

Hiya everyone,

It’s been an exciting week here at Wonder Walks as we’ve opened again. With the Prime Minister encouraging people back into the workplace, it’s our job to make sure your dogs are having as good a time as they had with all of you there. With that being said I know it has

been a worry, especially for those with new puppies in the house, as to what we’ll do as we do start to go back to work. How will our dogs cope being left alone finally? Well this week, I’m here to help. I have a few tips for you to help in the process back to normality which unfortunately means that our dogs will be alone again.


If your dog has always been used to being left alone and let’s be honest they are in the majority, then practice the routine that they are always used to. If you are lucky enough to have a rough idea as to when you’ll be going back to work then make a little plan. Increase the amount of time you leave them by going in the garden or doing your weekly shop etc. Then hopefully by the time you go back to work your dog will be in the same routine as they always have been. This can also be adapted for brand new puppies or dogs who have never been left. Just increase the amount of time they are being left. For more information, I wrote a blog post all about this in my Puppy Training series a few weeks ago.

Their Own Space

If your dog is a little anxious then you can make them a little den. If you have children you can make this a family affair, children love making dens don’t they? Choose a spot where you have noticed your dog goes when they’d like to relax or they are spooked by something, then get to work. Anything will do as long as it’s enclosed and provides a cosy, safe a comfortable spot for your dog to have as their very own.

Enrichment, Enrichment, Enrichment

You guys know me by now and how much I go on about games and enrichment activities to do with your dog. You guessed it, you can use them to help with leaving them home alone. Choose something that will keep them occupied as you leave the house. Something like a meat filled Kong will do nicely. Simply give it to them as you leave and they’ll be too busy with the game to even notice you leaving. Make sure this is only used for this reason. Don’t then get the Kong out to distract them while you’re cooking dinner for example. Make sure it’s a special treat they get for being home alone!

I hope some of these suggestions help and as always, if your dog is shopping severe separation anxiety then please consult your vet of a dog behaviourist. I hope going back to work isn't too stressful for you and as a;ways, stay safe and I'll see you next week.

Until then, keep those tails wagging!


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