Maggie Turns Five!

Hiya everyone! How's your week been? This week has been a little more exciting than normal because it was Maggie's fifth birthday. First of all, I can't believe she's five. Where has the time gone? Mind you when Jessie turned fourteen, fifteen and eventually seventeen and was amazed every time (for those of you who are just joining us, Jessie was my seventeen year old Staffy!) Maggie fills our lives with just a little bit of sunshine every day, so I wanted to make her birthday special for her.

First of all I attempted a Doggie Birthday Cake. The operative word being "attempted" as I've never been much of a baker. When I was doing my GCSE's my Mum gave me a cake-baking boot camp and my final exam still came out flat! I just got the recipe from a blog online which seemed easy enough. I used;

· Wholemeal flour

· Water

· Oil

· Egg

· Carrot

· Baking

· Honey

No raising agent for a start! I was overjoyed. It actually turned out really well and Maggie loved it. I didn't by her toys this year, just her huge cake which she has had five pieces of by the way! Small pieces, portion control. So with all that cake left Maggie decided she wanted to give it to all of her friends. Ok, maybe I helped in the decision making a little! All the dogs and owners loved it and it was so nice to add some of Maggie's sunshine to their day as well. She's so kind...

Also as a little birthday treat we took Maggie for a special Birthday Walk! With the Government relaxing the rules a little, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to head to one of our favourite places, the Peak District. We are sensible though! Ben, Maggie and I headed out at 6am so we didn't run into as many people and enjoyed our walk. 6am is very early though for a Saturday morning! We made our way to Alstonefield and Maggie had a lovely time. She met a new friend let's call her Daisy the Cow! Maggie has met cows in the past, surprisingly, so when we came across a field of them she was quite eager to say hello. Here's Daisy and Maggie getting acquainted!

As you can imagine Daisy and her friends weren't the only cows we met. To be honest, we met their cow pats really. Maggie wasn't having any of that though, she spent most of her walk navigating around the cow pats and we were very proud of her. No bath time for Maggie! About half way into the walk we came across a wooden bridge. It was so picturesque so we decided to get some family photos. Maggie can climb stairs usually, but not on this occasion apparently. She was so scared of the bridge, she was like a child. It took her ten minutes to navigate the stairs, then I had to carry her to the middle because she wouldn't even try and then she whined as if to say "Mum, Dad let's go!"

So all in all, I think she had a great time! To finish it off though we had to ascend a really steep hill. Maggie didn't make it! Ben had to carry her the last tiny bit of the way. Bless her, she tries! Something a little different this week as it's been so exciting. Next week we'll be back to training tips, I promise!

Until then keep your tails wagging,


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