My Favourite Walk Destinations – mix it up a bit!

Hiya everyone,

How are you all settling back in at work? If you are going back to work that is! Our new puppies are well into their training and they’re starting to venture out into the bid wide world. Walking is definitely my favourite thing to teach, things like loose lead walking and recall etc. When your dog can have an enjoyable walk the n the possibilities are endless!

So today I thought I would talk about some of my favourite places to take our dogs on their walks whether they’re an Adventure client or a Holiday guest. The more places you can mix up on your daily walks the better. Dogs love detail so if they have a variety of different places to explore they’ll be a much calmer dog who is happy to explore with you.


Woodland and forests are by far my favourite. They’re so fun to explore for both you and your dog. In Summer the trees act as a canopy so it’s a great option to get out of the sun. Also when it rains the water rustles up lots of new smells for your dog so it becomes a sniffing paradise! Why not try going to your favourite woodland walk after it has rained and see how exciting it becomes for you dog. Things that they didn’t smell before will have come to the surface and – hey presto! You’ve made a brand new walk without even trying.


The beach is a great one for diggers. You can make your very own pirate treasure! If your dog has a pretty solid “sit and wait” then why not bury some treasure for them to dig back out. If you pop their favourite treat in a sock or wrap it up in a piece of fabric then bury it while your dog watches in anticipation. The fabric will let the smell out whilst keeping the sand away so it isn’t a sandy mess when your dog tries to eat their reward! Digging is a natural behaviour for dogs and the more we encourage them to take part in these natural behaviours, the happier your dog will be (maybe don’t let them dig up your flower bed though...)


In this day in age the majority of dogs live in towns and cities with lots of concrete and pavements. There is nothing wrong with the occasional pavement walk! For one it teaches your dog that not all walks are an excuse to go wild. This will then calm them down whilst you get them ready as they’re not anticipating the craziness! It’s a great opportunity for you to practice your loose lead walking as well. As long as there is time for enrichment and mental stimulation on these walks or a session at home then there is nothing wrong with pavement walks. Mixed in with plenty of other opportunities for dogs to have the freedom off lead then it’s good practice to mix up the experience of walks as much as possible.


Open fields are great for games and playtime. Studies have shown that if training is incorporated into play or play is offered shortly afterwards your dog will remember what they’ve learnt a lot better. A big open space like a field and you can really make use of it. Bring some cones with you and practice your recall or even some agility. Open fields are a great space for people who don’t have a large garden to really let your dog stretch their legs. Maybe mix up a bit of pavement walking to your nearest area and then let you dog off lead for some breathing space. They’ve done hard art and walked beautifully on lead all the way there and some much needed playtime is their reward!

These are just a few of my favourite walking spots. Next week I’ll show you some of my favourite Peak District locations to really treat your dog to a great time!

Until next time, keep those tails wagging!


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