Our First Adventure Day!

What happens when you take seven dogs to the Monsal Trail.

Hello, hello everyone! I can’t believe I’m writing this post. Months of preparation which started with an idea, finally came to life. We went on our first Adventure Day! As an Dog Adventure Company it only felt right that we offer these to our clients. The idea is is that we take your dogs on a day out in a place that’s a little more extraordinary than your everyday walk in the park. For our very first outing I wanted to make sure that it went as smooth as possible, so I didn’t want to get lost! The Monsal Trail is a clear pathway which used to be the old railway. It’s really simply to navigate as you just follow the path in front of you. What could have gone wrong? She says!

Victoria and I loaded up the cars with the lucky dogs joining us and we set off towards the Peak District. We’re lucky enough that my boyfriend Ben is a really good photographer, so not only does he take the majority of our content but he also came with us to lend and extra pair of hands. Milo the Jack Russell hates the car so the first obstacle was to make sure he was comfortable. So, Ben was in the passenger seat with Milo by his feet, covering him with his jacket! It worked for so long until Milo realised that he could quite easily poke his head through so Ben had to battle with Milo to keep him down so as not to scare himself. Ben lost! Milo was fine though and just stared out the window at the passing countryside, not a bad way to spend a care journey.

We arrived at the old Bakewell train station to begin our walk and trying to navigate seven dogs with three different people was a job in itself! To get from the car park to the trail, all the dogs had to be on lead, for obvious reasons. It was only metres away, but I lumbered myself with the job of getting Lexi the Weimeraner safely to the trail. If anyone is familiar with our Instagram page you’ll know how big Lexi is and ultimately how strong she is. I survived! Once on the trail, it was exactly as it said on the tin. My goal was to reach the old train tunnel and then turn round and come back. That was six miles in total which is a very healthy walk for any dog.

Along the way we did meet a lot of cyclists. Winston the Poodle who came with us gets a little excited at the prospect of turning wheels coming towards him! So be wary if your dog isn’t a fan of the odd bike passing by because there was a fair few. The tunnel itself, I’m not going to lie to you, was a bit creepy. Actually it was really creepy! It was cold, damp and gloomy. The dogs loved smelling something different, but Toffee the Labradoodle was in the same boat as me. I don’t blame you Toffee, we’ll have a look and run straight back out! I wanted to start a collection of photos too. Every Dog Adventure we take, I wanted a group photo to remember it by. This is the Monsal Trail group photo;

Do you know how hard it is the settle a group of dogs to take a photo!? We stopped for lunch just outside the tunnel and I’m not even kidding, a tornado of teenagers came flooding out! Clearly on a school trip to get off their phones for a afternoon, but every single one was amazed at the amount of very cute dogs we had, especially little Kaiser the Miniature Schnauzer. You have to admit, he is a cutie! All in all we couldn’t have asked for a better day. With a week full of rain it was the only day with sunshine! However it did start raining when we got back in the car, but you’re in the car so who cares.

So much hard work and excitement went into this Adventure Day and it’s a relief and a great sense of achievement to say that we did it. There are definitely going to be more with our next one just over the horizon.

Until next time, keep those tails wagging!


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