Summer of Boarding

Hot Weather, Adventures and lots of furry friends!

Hi everyone, welcome back! It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down to update everyone on all our adventures. It’s been a busy summer as the title may suggest! Over the summer months I’ve had a lot of dogs stay with me at Rufford Park and I wanted to share some of my highlights. It’s been hard; picking my favourite moments, but it’s been one of the best summers. Long morning walks, paddling pools and days out.

So, we kicked off with Mollie, Dora and Bow! Dora and Bow were Spaniels and Mollie is a Cockapoo. Mollie was terrified of Dora and Bow’s energy! They loved swimming, running and when I tried to introduce Mollie to the girls she must have thought “wow! This is way too much for me!” So while Dora was fetching balls and never returning them, we did lots of

games with Mollie inside. The funny thing was is that she was fine on walks with the Spaniels. Dogs are weird! Mollie even tried to play with Bow while they were all out in the open fields together, but in our own back garden you had no chance.

Then the weekend that Mollie went home, Sirus came to join Dora and Bow. Now, Sirus is another Cockapoo but with a lot more energy than Mollie and loved playing with both Dora and Bow. So what do you do with three dogs that have loads of energy and want to play all day? You take them to Clumber Park! Ben and I took all three, leaving Maggie (our Pug) at home, for a six mile walk around the grounds of Clumber Park. I didn’t even know the park stretched that far. We saw huge wild cows with massive horns! Bow went to say “hello!” but didn’t make it very far when a cow snorted in her face...

I have never seen dogs run and play as much as Dora, Bow and Sirus did on that walk with us! It took us three hours and Ben and I walked six miles. I would say the dogs walked at least double that! I was sad to see all three go, but then along came Lottie and Boris. Boris is a Sproodle (Poodle cross with a Springer Spaniel) while Lottie is a Labrador and they became the best of friends almost instantly.

Honestly, they wouldn’t leave each other alone which made my job a lot easier because they only needed each other for entertainment. I had another dog boarding with the two of them, Bailey. He was a lot older at fourteen, but he tried his very best to keep up and play too! So with this energetic pair I took them to Hardwick Hall with my Grandma. My Grandma likes to

come on walks with us sometimes, but with the smaller less energetic dogs. Sorry, Grandma! This was only a two mile walk, but Lottie and Boris found a puddle to play in and came out filthy. Don’t worry I had plenty of towels!

That wasn’t the only walk that left Boris and Lottie filthy from head to foot. This summer one of my close friends brought a Golden Retriever puppy, Mabel, into her family. We decided that we’d start going on walks with Mabel through the summer to help with her socialisation. Well, the first one we got caught in a storm! The stupidest part was is that it was forecast and we decided to risk it anyway! I say “we” it was probably me who came up with that idea. We were absolutely soaked, but the dogs still had a great time. Boris loves water so it was like a dream come true for him. Lottie was just happy to be having a great time with her new best friend.

That didn’t put off Mabel though. Even after the very wet walk, we went to Clumber again. This time we went with Lottie, Boris and little Milo (a Jack Russell.) We did the same walk that Ben and I had done, but again Boris and Lottie found water! It’s like they can sniff out filth anywhere. What am I talking about, they’re dogs of course they can...

As you can see, we have had some very funny times this summer, but this just scratches the surface. Like I say, it has been the best summer and I can’t wait for the next one. If you want to see any of our other guests or see more of Dora and Bow, check out my other posts. Now we need to get ready for colder walks and darker days, but never fear – your pooch will be with you for cuddles on the sofa!

Until next time, keep those tails wagging,


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