The Art of The Paddling Pool – oh yes, it’s an art!

Hi everyone! How’s your week been? It slowly feels like things are getting back to normal. Sort of! I feel like there’s a bit of hope for normality in the future rather than an endless tunnel of lockdown where we don’t know when we’ll return to normal. So today we’re talking about paddling pools! I know what you’re thinking, how can she babble on about a paddling pool? You put water in it and leave it there...

I hope this post gives you some inspiration!


Of course, water is the go to! But what can you do with the water? My personal favourite is to add treats in for treat bobbing. If you follow our Instagram account (@rachelwonderwalks) you’ll have seen the amount of times I’ve done this with our boarders! You could add a variety of different things though like rubber ducks or plastic balls to bob on the water. You could add food colouring to the water if you wanted to add a bit of pizzazz. Just make sure the food colouring is of course, safe for dogs.

If you’re feeling super adventurous you could add a slide. Your dogs own personal water park! I tried this with one of our boarders called, Boris. He absolutely loved it and threw himself down the slide and into the water. Lots of supervision was needed!


Is your dog digging up your beautiful rose garden? Have no fear, the paddling pool is here! But this time we’ll empty out the water and add sand or soil instead. Why not bury their favourite toy or favourite snack for them to find. Over time they’ll learn that it is much more fun to dig in their own personal garden than in your petunias. It’s a win win for everyone!

Adding sand to a paddling pool and letting your dog explore is really good for their socialisation too. Next time you take them to the beach Rover won’t be worried about this new terrain because he’s already experienced it in a fun and care free way!

Mix it up by adding wet and dry sand into the paddling pool. Dogs are suckers for detail, that’s why your usual boring walk is made so much more exciting when it rains. It’s completely different! By having dry sand one day and wet sand another day you are completely changing the texture and smells and therefore providing a whole new experience.

I hope these few ideas are enough to spark your imagination. Let me know your ideas, I’d love to hear them!

Until next time, keep those tails wagging!


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