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Hi everyone and welcome back! It’s a very rainy Monday morning as I’m writing this which isn’t the lovely, Summer sunshine we have had recently. The past couple of weeks I’ve had Isla, the beautiful German Shepherd, staying with me. Isn’t she gorgeous? As you can imagine we’ve had some adventures together and I’d love to share them with you today!

First of all, we had to combat the heat. Good start! Now, Isla hates water so my “go-to” activity when it’s hot didn’t go to plan. I got out the paddling pools and hosepipe and she hated every minute so we had to go to plan B. I ordered cooling mats for her and when she wouldn’t lie on those we had to try plan C,D,E,F and G!

Anything I tried a mackerel ice-lolly too and she waited until it had melted, which didn’t take long. On the hottest day of the year (or on record I’ve heard!) I was doing some First Aid Training. Oh yes, it was as hot and sweaty as it sounds! I asked our instructor if there was anything else I could do for Isla as all my efforts weren’t good enough. All she needed was plenty of water, shade and observation. The rest she could do on her own! He explained that all breeds no matter what the thickness of their coat or their size, could regulate their own body temperature. As long as I wasn’t doing anything stupid like leaving her in a hot room with no water, she was going to be fine. Well, I wished I’d known that at the beginning of the week!

Oh well, we had a lot of fun trying! Now another thing that we had a lot of fun with was Isla’s slipper. Her tiny owner had kindly left her one of her old slippers to play with on her holiday, so I made the most of it! Every morning she’d bring the slipper as a gift to say “thanks for coming downstairs!” I hid it under boxes, put treats in it and even hid it up a tree for her. You know you can do a lot with a child’s slipper! Now as you can see, Isla isn’t the smallest of dogs, but I think she forgot a couple of times.

We’re fortunate to live in a rural area with lots of wildlife and Isla made games of her own with all the squirrels that came to taunt her! She tried her very best, but they just got the better of her and she had to stare at the, from the bottom of the tree. A couple of times she even fell over trying to catch them. Better luck next time, Isla! At least the squirrels weren’t scared of her as a couple of dogs we met on walks wouldn’t walk past her.

On this walk we were in Southwell near the Brackenhurst University Campus. We met a very nice gentleman who gave both Isla and Maggie treats for being so lovely. His dog however stopped about ten metres away from Isla and no matter what we tried her wouldn’t walk past her. She was on lead and sat on the floor waiting patiently for another treat, but that was far too scary. In the end his owner had to carry him the short distance to get past Isla and to the safety of the field beyond. Bless him, she’s not scary I swear!

Well that’s another holiday with another lovely dog. Let me know what your tips are for coping in the heat for dogs that don’t like water.

Until next time, keep those tails wagging!


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