The Doggy Diaries – Pt 2

Hi everyone and welcome back! Our doggy holiday guests are filling these long summer days with country walks and hours of fun. This week we’ve had Mollie the Cockapoo and her new best friends, Dora and Bow. With Dora being Bow’s mother it was a lovely little trio to have.

All the girls were Spaniels this week, Dora is a Springer and Bow is a Sprocker, so you can imagine the amazing walks we’ve been on. Maggie was struggling to keep up! For those of you who are new, Maggie is my own Pug so sometimes she’ll join us on walks. So that makes us a nice quartet! We concentrated on exploring the Oxton countryside as I drive through there all the time, passing footpath signs and wondering what was down there. So I took the opportunity and it is great!

On one path there was a patch of water and I say patch because it was too small to be a lake, but too big to be a pond so it was a mix of both. Dora and Bow love to swim. Whenever they see water there is no hesitation, they’re straight in! It’s the same with corn fields and there were plenty of those too. They were weaving in and out of the crops, chasing each other and Mollie if she joined in. On one of our walks that was just me and the Spaniels (Maggie was burnt out by this point!) Mollie vanished into the fields of corn. One minute she was there, the next it looked like she’d been dragged in by the scent! Mollie wasn’t as adventurous as Dora and Bow, so for her to completely let go and explore was not like her, so I thought she’d be taken by a demon of the farm. Don’t worry guys, Mollie was fine!

Have you ever seen a dog resemble a deer? Strange question I know, but Dora and Bow sprang over the corn like it wasn’t even there! Maggie tried, but she has about as much grace as a hippo on ice. Poor Maggie, she does try her best. There was so much variety, all coming from one parking location so we filled our week with hours of walks up there in Oxton and the dogs loved it. We even stayed out of Rufford Park this time...shocking!

Going off the topic of dogs slightly, it’s also been an exciting week for me too. On Wednesday I was invited to have a chat on BBC Radio Nottingham. Just to talk about what I do, what it’s like being surrounded by dogs and why I chose this as a career. There was also a dog groomer there to chat with me and we had a lot of fun! It was such an amazing experience and it makes me feel so proud that I was even asked to go in and it will definitely go down in history as one of my biggest achievements so far. She hopes!

The dogs listened with my parents while I was gone too. They loved it and I’ve given each of them my autograph! The girls and I have been playing lots of games too. Mollie is amazing at brain teasers, so much so that I had to change each one to make it harder because she kept showing me up! Lots of hiding games, treats especially, as Mollie loves food. I started with the cup game and she successfully figured that out in about three seconds and that isn’t an exaggeration. So, I made it harder by putting the treats under a cardboard box instead.

The larger the cover object, the harder it makes it for the dog. I wanted to be really mean and put the treats under a car, but I thought that was pushing it a tad too far!

The first week of the Summer Boarding Holidays has been a delight as usual. Stay tuned next week for a brand new week full of new dogs and new adventures. If you visit out Instagram page @rachelwonderwalks you’ll have regular updates on all our dogs and plenty of hilarious moments.

Until next time, keep those tails wagging!


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