Two Adults, Four Dogs and a Very Windy Beach...

This is what happens when you take four dogs to the seaside for the first time!

Welcome back, everyone! How are you all doing? I'm a little drained, I have to admit because as the title suggests Ben and I took Wallace, Matilda, Matteo and Maggie to the seaside! You know those great ideas you have and then you start, maybe getting part of the way through and decide "why did I do this?" This was definitely one of those times!

To start with, Ben the navigator gave me the wrong directions. I feel like everyone can relate to this. Google Maps on and still someone doesn't give me the correct junction off the A1. I'm not mentioning names, this isn't that kind of environment! But eventually we made it to the beautiful, but very windy Gibraltar Point. I never thought I use the word beautiful to describe Skegness but never say never, right? It truly was. We started on the Nature Reserve Trail that leads down to the seafront. All dogs have to be on lead unfortunately for this part, but you can see why.

Ben and I thought they were wild horses with fields upon fields of horses on either side. Now I've mentioned before on our Instagram page (give us a follow @rachelwonderwalks) that Maggie hates horses on the TV. Put her face to face with a ten foot high, real life animal (slight exaggeration, but it was big) and she was actually quite friendly. For those of you who don't know, Maggie is our Pug. Wallace, Matteo and Matilda couldn't care less! Again, for those of you who don't know Wallace is a Stafford shire Bullterrier and looks a lot scarier than he really is and Matteo and Matilda are both Shitzus who are a very playful pair of siblings.

I know that Matteo and Matilda have seen the sea before, but for both Wallace and Maggie this was their very first time. Once down on the beach we had to make the trek down to the sea itself. If anyone has been to Skegness before you'll know how far that is! Now, when people see Wallace walking down the street they cross the road because they think he's scary. He is the biggest scaredy cat I've ever met! All the dogs loved the water, except Wallace. To be honest he did much better than when we have the paddling pool out back at home. He tried the water out, saw a wave coming and ran for the hills. Baby steps Wallace, I understand.

Matteo and Matilda went into complete puppy mode. They chased each other, splashed in the water and generally had a fantastic time. I've never seen little Matteo run so fast! They were a little bit cheeky though (no change there!) A Labrador was walking with his own family across the beach. The Shitzus clocked him and ran for it. All in the hunt for fun of course, but they would not come back. I had to march up the beach with Maggie and Wallace in tow, Ben still taking pictures. He wanted to capture the whole experience. Surprisingly I haven't included the photos for you! Luckily, the Labrador wanted to play too so it was just a case of getting my two little rascals to listen. They did eventually, spoiler alert.

With Wallace and Maggie having faced their fears, the Shitzus making new friends and Ben and I becoming quite delirious we decided it was time to head home. Unfortunately dogs are now not allowed on the beach until September at Gibraltar Point which is a real shame, but with the summer closing in I'm sure they'll be lots of holiday makers that don't really want a dog stealing their picnic lunch. I always like to give my home boarders a holiday of their very own. With a country park on the doorstep, woodland on every corner and the seafront not that far away I have an abundance of opportunities to do just that. Now that it's Sunday I think we all deserve a duvet day. Who's with me?

Until next time, keep those tails wagging!


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