Are you doing enough for your dogs' well-being?

So we all know that 'mans best friend' needs their walkies to burn off that excess energy and to stay happy. But is this enough? Studies on canine health have shown that just a 30 min walk a day isn't enough to provide the optimum care your dog needs. While it goes a long way in helping, on it's own it falls short of the mark. Here are a few things which should help perk your dog up.

1. Off lead

It's true that some dogs have poor recall and letting them off lead can be daunting but with the right training this is incredibly valuable for their well-being. Experts suggest at least 45mins off lead exercise a day for most breeds as the restraint on their activity just doesn't cut it!

2. Stimulating activities

A jaunt around the block, a little marking of territory and some open air does wonders for your dogs mood but what takes that a step further is something which challenges them to use their senses. To engage in an activity which tests their natural instinct. A game of fetch is a start, but recently there has been a surge in games and toys designed to test your pooches wits. Place a treat in a hard to reach place and suddenly their reward needs to be found and access to it is put in their own hands. It's a great way to get full enjoyment out of their walk. Plus watching Fido figure out a puzzle can be quite amusing too.

3. Groups

As you know, dogs are pack animals and you are their pack leader! But playing with the other pack members fulfils their emotional needs and burns off a lot more energy than a simple walk. Meeting up for a walk with someone you know who has a dog can be a great way for you both to get the best out of your walk, or you could trust a local dog walker to take a group of dogs out to explore and play... just sayin.

Nothing fills us with joy more than the happy and content face of a loyal hound. It's important we take their needs seriously and perhaps spice up their walk now and then.

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